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The „Occupational Health Management“ tool of ovaSOFT creates improved work structures and processes from which both employees and the company benefit:

  • Increase of job satisfaction
  • Decrease in time absent from work
  • Performance enhancement
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increasing the attractiveness of employers
  • Reduced costs due to fewer sick days and production stoppages.

The ovaSOFT BGM tool contains modules for the organization and administration of BGM measures and for holistic health management.


ovaSOFT Personnel Management HRM - Registering an employee

The HRM module offers you the possibility to digitize, structure and efficiently track all personnel processes. Furthermore, documents and images can be uploaded to the employee’s digital personnel file by the employee in his or her dashboard, so that all employee data is compiled properly and according to the highest safety standards. This creates a detailed digital personnel file for each employee.


ovaSOFT HRM - Dashboard

In the dashboard, each employee can create, display, and change their own personnel-related data or start approval processes.

In addition, employees can upload documents and images to their digital personnel files, ensuring that all employee data is collected properly and to the highest security standards. This creates a detailed digital personnel file for each employee.

Employees‘ access to their own data and processes via the dashboard simplifies, accelerates and standardizes personnel administration processes and enables interfaces for data queries by authorities. In addition, employees assume responsibility for the timeliness and accuracy of their data.

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